Dont upgarde to Windows 10
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Now that the free Windows 10 upgrade offer is over, here’s why we still believe it isn’t worth upgrading to the new big bad version. Please do not get us wrong – we love the new Windows and all that it has to offer but feel that in the name of progress, Microsoft actually made these five errors.

System Requirements

Yes, astonishingly, some folks may face issues if they upgraded to the new Windows 10 edition. Why you say? Well, look at the specification necessary to run Windows 10. First you have to make space on your hard drive worth 20gb just so you can install the 64-bit edition of Windows 10. Then you need a fast enough processor about 1GHz or so plus around 2GB of RAM. Finally, your graphics card better be DirectX-9 compatible via WDDM drivers. Now that’s a lot of requirements and computers that still run XP may not cut it.

Outdated Peripherals

It has been a year since Windows 10 premiered and while many peripheral manufacturers have since pumped out Windows 10 exclusive updates or drivers, not all are that caring about their customers. Old peripherals may have driver issues and clashes in the latest edition of Windows. Thus before upgrading you should check once if all your existing peripherals have the latest drivers or updates ready for Windows 10 compatibility.

Where’s The Privacy?

Yes, privacy is a big concern with Windows 10. While this is not an issue exclusive to Windows 10, it happens to be a major concern. The OS is designed to regularly collect data on your system and send for processing so Microsoft can troubleshoot and push upgrades real time. This takes up some of your system bandwidth but most of all can lead to invasive behaviours. Unfortunately, you cannot turn all the snooping mechanisms off in Windows 10 and here’s a spoiler – 10 collects way more information than windows ever did in the past.

Forced Updates

Another major concern for folks with poor internet accessibility – forced updates. Since Windows 10, users have no control over the update procedure. Bug fixes and security patches flow to your device whenever Microsoft decides to peddle them around. Naturally, this can slow up your bandwidth when you least expect it, cause bugs to mess up your machine and so on.

Windows Media Center

Probably the one thing that Microsoft should never have removed. They did a lot of things right in our opinion but removing the Media Center was a foolish step. We also miss the Photo Viewer program though the new Photos app isn’t bad. However, if you do want Windows Photo Viewer back you can download it but if you want Windows Media Center back, forget about it because it is never coming back. By the way, there is no DVD playback support either.


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