First Read Up On Major Requirements before Installing

To begin with, in your OSX, search for the diskutil application. Once traced, use the application burn the Windows XP ISO into a DVD. Ensure that the DVD has sufficient space beforehand. You need to begin by opening the ISO image in the diskutil application. Furthermore, right click on the image that gets loaded. Now click on the option that says ‘Burn ISO’. Else you can also reboot your computer and press the ‘option’ key to doubly ensure that the correct boot-version is burnt on the DVD.

Step 2: Now on your OSX Hard Disk, go ahead and locate the diskutil partition. Click on the option of adding a new partition. Format the partition and rename to ‘Windows HD’. Finally, click ‘yes’ on the pop-up that asks you whether you can apply changes or not.

P.S- Make sure you have varied the size of the new partition in the partition drive correctly, so that any ‘insufficient space’ issues are avoided after formatting.

Step 3: The next step would obviously be to put in the XP Install Disk into the DVD Drive of your computer. While your PC is restarting, keep pressing down the ‘option’ key. Now the different option for booting will get displayed on your Mac, namely the XP Installation Disk that you have just inserted, along with the two other standard options of HD Disks for Windows and Macintosh respectively. Now we can tackle the actual installation.