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In our opinion, the Macbook is no longer a standalone with the arrival of Windows 10. Yup, Microsoft has finally managed to catch up. The reasons why we all turned away from Windows are now probably the same reasons why Mac OS X is losing out – or at least in our view.

Solid Touchscreen Experience

Now if you got a touchscreen computer then Windows 10 is simply surreal on it. Mac unfortunately has not improved in this particular scenario and Windows has gone miles ahead. With more time, many more apps and programs are becoming touch friendly, which when done right really does feel great to operate.

Browsing through Facebook, taking down notes in your own handwriting or simply creating something spectacular in Adobe Illustrator. The possibilities are just endless if you happen to run Windows 10 on a capable touchscreen laptop.


Quite simply put, Cortana now with its apps for Android and iOS is way ahead of the competition. Siri on Mac OS glitches a lot and that is why it is not present. Cortana on the other hand is the biggest addition in Windows 10 and with being completely portable on all devices, it truly is your own personal assistant. Sorry Siri but you have fallen back in the race. The more you use Cortana the more it understands you and your likes – serving you better.


Put it in simple terms, Windows 10 Operating System is very reliable because it depends on apps and software that are in themselves independent. Consider it like a fall back. If you take out motor trade insurances (by the way, if you don’t then take one today by clicking here) then you know that it is a cover for your loved ones. Windows 10 has cover in the form of apps that work separately from programs. You have skype as a desktop program and also a Windows app. Basically, the need to install things is negated since most programs now come as apps for windows making them seamlessly upgradable and reliable.


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